Smart Design for Small Apartments

First thing first: GET MORE LIGHT.

Lighter rooms look bigger and more spacious. Paint your rooms in a light color. Don’r forget the ceilings, too. As the fifth wall is almost always not considered part of the color scheme of the room. However it plays an important role in the design – low ceilings in dark colors make the whole room feel stuffy and cramped. The trick here is to keep the contrast between the walls and the ceiling to a minimum so the room feel airy and larger.

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Design Ideas from Around the World

The ultimate rest provided by the the Para Hammock

The Para Hammock is designed by Chaffee Graham is an unconventional swing that provides ultimate comfort and relaxation. Paracord line connects over 700 walnut pieces. The flexible grid is fully handmade, and each piece is handcrafted. It is exceptionally beautiful, but really touch hammock that is designed for outdoor use.

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