Smart Designs for Small Apartments

First thing first: GET MORE LIGHT.

Rooms with more light look bigger and more spacious. Paint your rooms in a light color. Don’t forget the ceilings, too. As the fifth wall is almost always not considered part of the color scheme of the room. However it plays an important role in the design – low ceilings in dark colors make the whole room feel stuffy and cramped. The trick here is to keep the contrast between the walls and the ceiling to a minimum so the room feel airy and larger.

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Decorating Your Kitchen: It’s Not Just about the Design

There are a lot of things that you have to consider in decorating your kitchen.

There are a lot of kitchen themes to choose from if you want to decorate your kitchen at home. The most common theme is minimalistic. There are also those who choose a more vintage theme while others opt for a more Southern theme with loads of wooden items as decorations. Whatever it is that you choose for your kitchen as long as you feel like you can make the most out of the design, go ahead try it out.

However, before you become so excited about the overall theme as well as the kitchen decorations that you are to throw, you have to understand first that it is not really about the design. It is more of the actual appliances that you use as well as the utensils that really matter in the end. No matter how beautiful your designs are if you don’t have the best kitchenware, then it won’t do you any good. Thus, you have to start by buying the right appliances.

Check for the quality

This is something that you have to prioritize. You might be thrifty as you are to spend more for the decors. However, you have to understand that when you but high quality kitchen appliances, you can expect them to last for a very long time. Thus, don’t be afraid investing on them. Instead of buying low quality utensils sold at a department store sale, you can go for high quality utensils that will assure you of several years of use without having any issues at all. If you are buying a rice cooker, it does not matter how much you are to spend as long as you stick with reliable brands so your money won’t go to waste. Visit this place for more ideas about the best rice cooker brands. On the other hand, if you want to read more in depth home appliances reviews, check out Once you are done going over through those reviews, you will know exactly what model to buy.

Buy only what you need

When planning for kitchen appliances, you don’t have to buy everything at once. This is true if you are not really someone who cooks often. However, if you are passionate about cooking, there is nothing wrong in spending more for kitchen appliances. However, you have to understand that the best part about buying a few appliances only is that it won’t be difficult to arrange them. The kitchen won’t be difficult to decorate if you have only a few appliances and more kitchen decors. You can just hide some of the appliances inside the cabinet or drawers. By then, there will be less eye sores. This is definitely something that you want to achieve. Take note that when it comes to kitchen designs, less is more. Thus, you don’t have to worry if your kitchen looks so simple. There is elegance and sophistication in simplicity. To top it all, you just have to keep the kitchen clean at all times. This is what makes the kitchen look amazing.

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Home Office Design Tips

One of the areas of people’s homes that are often completely neglected when it comes to design is the home office. Ever more people are telecommuters that work part or all of their week from home. The main reason this has become possible is advances in Internet communication and there are probably not many businesses that do not offer this type of flexibility to their employees.

What surprises me is that so many people completely ignore all design when it comes to creating a good work environment. They almost look at it as a purely functional space, which I believe is a big mistake. Companies of all sizes spend a lot of money on architects and interior designers to create pleasant work environments. The idea is that your environment will have an impact on productivity.

The first thing you should keep in mind is that you should not immediately place your home office in the smallest room or corner of your home. This can have a very claustrophobic effect that will negatively impact how well you work.

Secondly, you should spend time thinking about what colors you find most pleasing and avoid dark ones, even if you like them. You need a bright environment with lots of, ideally natural light. The more sunlight you can get into the work space the more productive you will be.

The next really important thing you should take into account is to separate your home and work phones. This makes sure that you keep a clear separation between work and private life. This will mean that you need to invest in a multiline cordless phone system. You can then have a separate number for business and private. You will find a lot more advice on phone systems over at http;//

Along with your phone you will need a good computer work desk that has enough space for your laptop and an external monitor. It is also vital that you invest in a high quality office chair with good back support. And if your business requires a lot of paper work, then you also need a filing system that will keep things organized.

So now you know what kind of furniture and telecoms equipment you need, surely it cannot be too difficult to just go out and buy these things. This is exactly where people go wrong. They look for the cheapest of each item often in completely different stores and end up with an ugly mess.

In order to get it right, you do not need to hire a professional interior designer. Most good furniture stores will have staff that are experienced and trained in making sure you get a visually appealing setup. This does mean that going to IKEA is not really an option, in my opinion. They do have some nice stuff but you will not get an office setup that provides you with a productive environment.

If you are facing an issue with a bad home office setup, or you would like a professional opinion on your current set up then do not hesitate to use the contact page here on my website. I can give you a quick review for free and maybe offer you some of my other services as well.

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A Convenience for My Home

I travel a lot.  Whether for work or vacation, I am constantly on the go.  When I buy things for my life, they fall into one of two categories.  Will they be going with me on trips or will it be staying at home?  More often then not, I prefer to purchase things that will go with me to the places I want to see.  My life is about exploration after all, and it has never sat well with me to invest in something for my home when there was something equally good I could invest in for the road.

So, when I first came across an electric knife sharpener, I laughed.  Images of outlandish products from plane magazines came to mind, and I thought the electric knife sharpener was one more thing that people didn’t really need.  However, over the course of some weeks, I have to say that I have changed my mind.  Not only have I purchased something that I first thought was useless, but I also purchased it for my home.  The end result?  I love it.

So how did this all begin?

How did I go from travel to extra home appliances?  Well, like many things, it started with my love of food.  I’ve spent a great deal of time writing about and researching the food industry.  From covering the exciting to the regular banal, I had started to notice that behind every story was the basic culinary gear that helped frame the narrative.  Behind every gifted cook was countless pots and pans, behind every seedy restaurant was at least one mixer and questionable  cutting board.  This is where I first came across an electric knife sharpener in the flesh.

So I thought…  Why Not?

I’m not one to impulse buy, or at least I tell myself that.  More often then not though, I can confidently say I make sound decisions.  When I decided to get an electric knife sharpener for my kitchen, I followed a brand I had seen used in one of my more respected eateries.  Once it arrived, I had to see it for myself.

Going through my collection of knives, I sharpened each one.  The first thing that struck me was how much time it didn’t take.  Usually I would spend some time sharpening my knives.  With the electric knife sharpener, the entire process took no time at all.  As a result, I’ve begun sharpening my knives more often.

The end result is that food preparation and presentation has never been better.  I’ve decreased the amount of time it takes me to make meals while also presenting a crisper final appearance in what I cook.  I simply could not believe the difference after a couple weeks of use.

Ever cook has his or her own methodology when it comes to the kitchen.  Far be it for me to say what you should do.  That being said, given an electric knife sharpener a try and tell me whether or not you noticed a difference.  Given my own experience, I could not recommend one enough.

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How I Stay Energized

We need energy in order to get through our lives, especially when it comes to working in a creative field such as interior design. However, many of us continue to struggle through life with very little energy. Every day seems to be full of tiredness and weakness. The interesting thing is that we live a sedentary lifestyle. While our lifestyles are generally slow paced, we do encounter a lot of emotional stress. A fellow interior designer was venting to me the other day about how frustrating it is when working on a design for a client and not having enough energy. This is a major problem that a lot of creatives face.

A Common Problem

I myself used to suffer this same problem. I used to wonder why I was so tired. It wasn’t until I took an objective look at my life, that I realized there were plenty of aspects of my life that were going wrong in ways that drained me. This included:

• My Eating Habits

• My Media Viewing Habits

• What I did With My Time

• Who I spent time with

• Other destructive habits.

Looking for a Solution

Knowing my problems, I knew the next step to take. This was to solve the problem. Admittedly, it is easier said than done. It involves trial and error. However, there is plenty of information that you can look up. This can help reduce the time spent on trial and error.

What I Did

Among the steps I took to solve my problem, I looked at my diet and looked for ways to add healthier foods to my diet. I ate more fruits and vegetables and made a list of recipes. I used juicing to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables that I eat. Eventually, I noticed that I had a little more energy to deal with problems. This was a major victory to me. However, I knew that there were plenty of other health problems that I had to deal with.


Unless you’re a hermit, you are likely to have all kinds of relationships with many different kinds of people. There are likely some relationships that need to be fixed. However, there are certain types of people whom you just don’t get along with. Do what you can to fix the broken relationships. At the same time, if you are dealing with someone who is toxic, then it’s best to limit time spent.

Personal Goals

Accomplishing goals goes a long way towards improving the quality of life. If you can find a goal to accomplish, then look at one of your problems. For instance, if you are overweight, you might want to try losing weight. Juicing can help with weight loss. You can get plenty of nutrients that help with metabolism and fat burning.


Life is too short to spend it being miserable. I realized that and for this reason, I aggressively took steps in order to improve my personal and professional life. As a result, I am happier, more energetic and more responsible. I’ve also been able to better provide designs for my clients. I have found myself accomplishing more in my life than I thought I ever would. I am still not finished; I have a new set of goals and a new found confidence and optimism about my life. Taking steps to improve your life is the best thing you can do for yourself. It is also the best thing to do for the ones in your life that you are close to.

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Important Tips Before Moving in to a New House

When you are planning to move into a new house, you might be busy about decorating the place. You have lots of concepts and themes in mind. You might also think of buying new stuff to make the place look even better. However, there are some other things that you might forget and these are the basics. Thus, just before moving into the new house, you need to follow these tips first.

  • Check the condition of the house. Yes, you might already have your contractor and real estate agent do it for you. However, it still pays to visit the house one more time and check everything before finally moving in. There might be some aspects that have not been fully inspected and you can still have them fixed before it’s too late.
  • Know your neighbors. Aside from keeping the house beautiful, you should also learn more about your neighbors. Find out more about them and be friends with them. You want to move into a place where the neighbors will welcome you or even help you in times of need.
  • Install security features. Having a good home is not just about making it look good, it is also about making it safe. Thus, if you have installed security features, it would be of great help. Even if you are residing in a private village where there are security guards upon entrance, you still can’t be assured of anything. However, once you have security cameras and other safety devices installed, you will feel a lot safer.
  • Do general cleaning first. Although you will clean the house again once you have fully moved in, you must clean the house while it is empty first. In fact, you can vacuum the entire place first so you have the assurance that it is dust and dirt free before moving in the furniture. Sometimes, if the big items are already in place, it would be difficult to move them around for cleaning. If the house has pet hairs, then you might have to use the best vacuum for pet hair similar to this one. By then, you are assured that the entire place is clean and safe.
  • Do it yourself. If you wish to repaint the house especially if you bought an old house, then you don’t have to call a professional painter to do the job. You can do it by yourself. All you have to do is to use an airless paint spray. It is so easy to use and is affordable too. You can check out airless paint sprayer reviews at for more details. You will be surprised that you have changed the overall look of the house with a simple air spray and without the help of anyone.
  • Once you are done with these steps, you are now ready to move in. Just make sure that you maintain the appearance of your home. You should also be careful with the items that you buy for décor to avoid wasting your money. Most of all, if you have some time, clean the entire house. Whether you have the best home decors or not, as long as you have a clean house, it is good enough.

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    Glamping – Inspiration from Camping

    As a travelling interior designer I get great inspiration from buildings in areas where there is a rich and old heritage, however when budget travelling (especially when camping) this inspiration seems to lack – until now.

    Camping can be rough; there is always something that goes wrong and in most cases, and lots of people think that it’s just flat out gross. There is no running water, no toilets, everything gets muddy if it rains and the whole experience is just barbaric.

    Some people really enjoy getting dirty and do not mind waking up to spiders in their tent, but for the majority of civilization, it’s not a fun experience. Recently, there is this new trend called “glamping” that mixes in the benefits of camping and negates the negatives with luxury.

    Glamping is something that many nature lovers have found to be better than camping and actually enhances their love and appreciation. That being said, here are some reasons why glamping is better than camping!

    1. Glamping Provides More Shelter

    Glamping can take the form of a dome or yurt or just a high tech tent, and because of this, you will have more protection from the elements. If it rains outside, there is no worry of mud and water flooding the tent or any run off wiping it out entirely. Wind is not even a problem because it all is stable and built on a foundation rather than just four nails pounded into the ground. Plus, there are a lot of places to choose from all over the world! An eco-friendly glamping option in Northern NSW is (which was featured in the “Sydney Weekender” as a top pick for glamping in Australia).

    2. Glamping Is More Comfortable

    Everyone has a camping story of how the temperatures dropped dramatically and everyone was freezing. Luckily, with glamping, most shelters have heating or a wood burning stove to keep you warm in the winter. In the summer they are very light and allow a lot of air flow through the shelter to keep it nice and cool as well.

    3. More Space = More Comfort

    With a much larger tent or yurt, there is much more space that can be used for a large comfortable bed or even a lovely little sitting area. With all of the extra space, it’s easier to make the entire tent more homelike, complete with solar powered lanterns or even a few rugs here and there. Utilizing the space given is ecofriendly and also provides you a more comfortable experience.

    4. Food Is Easy

    There are many different types of food that do not need to be refrigerated and are delicious. With more room, it is easier to take up a bottle of wine or maybe cheese and steaks. Using the aforementioned wood-burning stove, it can be very simple and fast to cook a steak over the stove and boil or sauté some veggies while you are at it. Forget about the hassle of starting a fire and then waiting for it to get hot enough before you can cook anything because everything you need is already at your fingertips.

    5. It is More Eco-Friendly

    Glamping provides a place to put your trash, so there is no danger of littering and soiling the nature around you. Because of their many stoves and things of that same nature, there is no need to collect firewood or cut down any trees. Because of that, it is very soothing and you do not have to worry about packing out absolutely everything you brought in.

    So where can you find out more about this wonderful spin on camping? You have a few options. There are online glamping websites now which will provide you with a list of providers, but the best way (as with anything) is via word of mouth reviews.  My recommendation is that if looking in Australia for Glamping around Northern NSW: Silk Pavilions is a great option. Apart from that, jump online and do a little research, you will be amazed at what you find!

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    The Importance of Power Dressing in the Life of a Traveling Interior Designer

    If there is one thing that I’ve learned as a traveling interior designer, it’s how important physical appearance is when meeting with clients. You see, I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl up until a few years ago. It was very rare that I dressed up for anything. However, that all changed when I started to travel a lot to meet new clients. Let me tell you why.

    Back when I was first starting out, I would always meet clients wearing rugged jeans, an over worn t-shirt, and sneakers. On top of that, I never paid any attention to my hair and I almost never wore any make up. As you may have figured out by now, I was a little bit of a tomboy and couldn’t care less about how I looked. Besides, I didn’t think that how I looked was important because what mattered was I had the skills to make their homes beautiful.

    That was okay with my first few clients but I think it was because they were homeowners in the neighborhood I grew up in and knew me since I was in diapers. Things changed when my clientele started to expand to other cities. One time, I traveled to New York to meet a prospective client. As usual, I was dressed very casually and had no makeup on.

    When I arrived at their home, I was very surprised to see that the couple I was meeting was dressed very smartly despite the fact that it was a weekend. I suddenly became very self-conscious especially since they were looking me over with a hint of skepticism. I realized that because I was dressed rather poorly, they didn’t think I had good enough taste to pull off the “elegantly sophisticated” vibe they wanted for their home. Sure enough, I didn’t get the job.

    It was at that point when I started to pay more attention to my clothing and the way I looked when I was meeting with clients. I was able to test out my theory when I met another prospective client in Georgia. The man that was meeting was a very reputable cosmetic dentist. If someone wanted their teeth whitened or needed porcelain veneers in Atlanta, his cosmetic dentistry clinic was the best place to go.

    Needless to say, he was very sophisticated and like the couple I met in New York, he was dressed very nicely when I arrived for our meeting. On the other hand, I showed up wearing a cream colored pant suit and a pair of designer loafers. After a few pleasantries, he informed me that the job he wanted me to do was give his clinic a whole new look because it was a bit outdated. He jokingly said “I want it to have that sophisticated but edgy vide. Much like your outfit.”

    That’s when I was realized that I was right, how I presented myself to my prospective clients greatly contributes to the chances that I would be able to close the deal. From then on, I made it a point to always dress up no matter where I went but most importantly, when I have a meeting with prospective customers.

    I have a meeting with the good dentist from Atlanta next week to discuss the possibility of me working on his new home. During our telephone conversation, I brought up the idea of me getting veneers in Atlanta at his cosmetic dentistry clinic if he decides to hire me to do the interior design of his home. He said that would be great and we can discuss it when I fly over next week. I am very excited about it because I know that a dazzling smile, on top of my portfolio, will do wonders when I’m courting clients to hire me to work on their homes.

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    My Life as a Traveling Interior Designer

    Even before I graduated from design school, I knew that I wanted to take a different path in my career as an interior designer. Instead of being holed up in an office, I wanted to combine my love for travel and interior design. This is why when I finally graduated, I quickly made arrangements to establish myself as a "traveling interior designer".

    First on the list was of course, to get people to know about me and what I was offering. My vision was, instead of getting clients to come to me, I would go to them no matter where they were. To get the word out there, I hired an internet marketing agency to set up my website and get my name across the cloud. It took a couple of months before a client signed me up for a job but from then on, I started receiving a steady flow of customers.

    Initially, I traveled from one city to another by plane or by driving my Prius. After a few months of jet setting and driving long distances and staying in motels, I realized that the overhead costs for my airfare and accommodation was too much. I then decided that the best thing to do was to invest in a mobile home. That way, I had a means to drive long distances and I wouldn't have to worry about packing and unpacking my stuff whenever it was time to go because I already had everything I needed.

    One thing I learned about being on the road for long periods of time was how important it was to make time to still continue enjoy my hobbies. I have always been fond of kayaking and when I was commissioned to work on a home located in Philpott Lake, I decided I would bring my kayak with me. Problem was, I had no idea how I was going to make that happen. Thankfully, a friend of mine directed me to a website called where I found information on kayak accessories. I decided to invest in a roof rack for my kayak. Today, I am able to bring my kayak with me whenever I have a job somewhere near the water. When I am working on a client's home in a busy city however, I indulge myself in other activities such as photography. It's great because I am able to save memories of my trip through the photos.

    Recently, I have been thinking about getting myself certified as a professional electrician. Don't  get me wrong, I don't really have a desire to work with electrical wires. It's just that I noticed how important it is to be trained in this type of work since my job does require me to work with electricians when installing lighting fixtures. I figured I could save my clients a little bit of money if I took care of minor electrical work myself. Also, I am hoping that if the electrician I'm working with knows that I am certified, they wouldn't overprice my clients. I am still looking in electrician courses (the  information is available here, if you're interested) I could take while I'm traveling. However, I'm convinced this is something I can greatly benefit from.

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    The Rising Popularity Of Attic Conversions

    Throughout my travels I meet a wonderful array of friends, however it always seems that the interior designers of the world are attracted to one another (I guess great minds DO think alike). One commonality that I have noticed throughout the world (and my global network of interior designer buddies would agree) is the rising trend of a traditionally uncommon project: attic conversions.

    I’ve also noticed an increasing amount of interior design jobs available relating to attic conversions, and one day I began to wonder: “whats causing this popular wave of attic conversion madness?”

    The current state of the housing market means that more and more homeowners are choosing to improve, not move, and I believe that is one of the largest contributing factors.

    A popular property adaptation that provides a cost-effective way of maximising space in your home is to undertake an attic conversion. Rather than build an extension to your current home, the attic offers a great opportunity to turn what is usually mainly an empty space, perhaps housing a few suitcases or odds and ends, into an attractive room which can be used for a number of different functions.

    This article will help you discover some top tips for ensuring the interior design of your attic results in a wonderfully appealing contemporary living space.

    Ensure Adequate Insulation

    Being located just under the roof, a poorly insulated attic can become extremely chilly in winter and conversely, remain unpleasantly warm during the summer months. A good insulating layer around the walls and under the roof helps to ensure the attic remains at much the same temperature as the rest of the house. Make sure that there is a source of ventilation, ideally a window, to assist in obtaining a good air flow throughout the room.

    Check for Pests/Rodents Before Commencing Work

    As attics are normally quiet spaces where creatures can nest and breed undisturbed, it’s not uncommon to find that you’re playing host to an unwelcome number of pests.

    Ensure you have a professional pest removal expert check the attic space for attic pests which may be living and breeding up there. It’s very common to find mice in the attic or even bats! Visit this resource to find out more about common signs to look out for, and tips on how to deal with them. It would be a disaster if you had to spray pesticides around and ruin all of your hard work!


    Make Use of the Pitched Roof

    The unique shape of an attic roof enables it to present a fantastic feature, and gives the room plenty of character. Many people opt for hanging storage in the attic, with a selection of shelves, hooks or organisers suspended from the ceiling to hold their ornaments and books. Using the roof space for storage frees up valuable floor space, enabling every inch of the room to be utilised.

    Consider a Paler Palette

    Light is always of premium importance in an attic space, as windows can sometimes be small and may not have an aspect which offers much sunlight. If this is the case, a palette which favours pastel shades helps to give an illusion of space and light which is enormously appealing. If the room still looks dark, it’s possible to make good use of artificial lighting to accent key areas, as well as falling back on the old designer’s trick of using wall-mounted mirrors to enhance existing light sources.

    With the correct preparatory work and sufficient attention to detail during the decorating process, it’s possible to utterly transform your attic space from the mundane to the magnificent. Why not start planning your attic conversion now and open up a world of new, exciting design possibilities?

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    Design Tips and Ideas For a Modern Bathroom

    Modern bathroom design is now more complex and sophisticated than ever. Many people who live in high-end houses have bathrooms that resemble extended living areas within their home.

    Most of the newly styled bathroom areas are constructed out of expensive tiles such as stone, mosaic, marble, metal and glass. There are an unlimited array of tile colors and pattern styles available at any home improvement or tile shop. Other types of contemporary tiling include metal and glass pieces and high quality moisture resistant woods.

    Another feature of modern bathroom design includes the use of stand alone tubs and separate shower areas. Stand alone tubs are arranged at various points within a bathroom. They are often situated next to a large open window or sliding glass door area. The separate shower area is typically located within a corner of the bathroom that is away from the door or window opening, but this can vary from home to home. Clawfoot tubs can be some of the toughest to find accessories for, but if you look hard enough you are sure to find something truly elegant.

    Adding an elegant shower curtain is not only functional, it adds a ton of style to your current décor. The main function is to prevent water from splashing over your entire bathroom, but it will also help conceal your shower area for when you are entertaining and guests use your bathroom. There are thousands of designs of shower curtains available today making it easy to find one that suits your taste perfectly. Keep in mind the color scheme you are going for with your design as a shower curtain can really throw off your warm or cool tones if it clashes.

    Wide open windows or sliding glass doors are also included in modern bathroom construct. The window or sliding door should give a home’s occupants a clear view of the surrounding environment that lies outdoors. You can also find curtains for your windows that will match your current shower curtain. This can really finish your design off in the end and give it a fabulous overall look.

    Large four-faucet sinks with water proof seating and mirrored walls is another design style for modern bathrooms. As a matter of fact the newer bathrooms specialize in long and big sinks that can provide more than enough room for people to perform their daily cleaning routine or to put on their make up.

    Features such as temperature changing tiles, flat panel televisions and two separate toilets are now also included in many modern bathroom structures. What is also a popular trend in bathroom design is having a seating area with water proof or moisture resistant furniture. Jacuzzi’s and small swimming pools are also included within many of the newly styled bathrooms.

    The days of small and compact bathroom spaces have ended. The trend has definitely moved toward turning a bathroom area into an extended area of the home and this trend will be here to stay for many years into the future.

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    Designing a Crossfit Box Changing Room For a Friend

    Last month I was approached by a friend of the family (David) to redesign the changing room of a crossfit box! at the time I had no idea what a crossfit box was until it was explained to me that crossfit is a new type of fitness training and a box is a new name for the building where groups of people workout very much like a gym.

    I agreed to pay a visit to the box so I could asses the room and take some photos, the room compared to the rest of the building was very run down and required repairs to the floor, ceiling and two of the walls, however the size of the space was good considering it will only ever be used by a maximum of 20 people at a time.

    I was given the objective that required the following:

    • 20 lockers that don’t lock, each locker should be more of a closet to hang clothing
    • Wooden benches/chairs, ideally individualized with durable/waterproof padding with our logo
    • Modern LED lighting
    • Wall art of some kind, we like the idea of brick work like the main hallway
    • Heated flooring
    • Place to store used towels
    • A place to store shoes close to the exit so we can change shoes during workouts

    Crossfit shoe rack design

    Out of all the project requirements one aspect really excited me and that was to design a shoe rack! as a female I love shoes I think along with bags and high quality hats shoes are in a women’s DNA, Last month during a search of pinterest I discovered a range of ideas perfect for this crossfit shoe project. My first idea was to have moon shaped baskets on a brick wall near the exit, the material used in the photo was a plastic mesh similar to a wicker basket but I wanted a materiel more durable and it needed to mirror the rest of the changing room, I opted for stainless steel as it was strong and looked the part, I sketched the shoe rack design and had an example made installation was fine but not all the shoes fit, the main problem was the crossfit weightlifting sized shoes where a lot bigger than a standard pair of crossfit sneakers I didn’t realize this and was left with two options.

    1. I can make the half moon design bigger but this would take up more wall space and add more expense to the project.
    2. Redesign the moon shaped shoe basket

    I opted for a redesign as I had remembered another shoe rack design using baskets but this time I would use tubes made from tough plastic painted black, this would reduce the cost, still fit in with the overall design and also look stylish but different, I used plumbing pipe material as the base with 4 internal bracket to secure each one to the wall, each tube stacked on top of each other saving loads of space another bonus was once the entire unit was assembled it was extremely strong perfect for daily use and additional use during workouts.

    At the end of this project I was very happy how it all came together and I am pleased the first design didn’t workout as I don’t think it would have looked as good as the tube design. You always learn something new after each project and this time I discovered not to get down if your first, second or third ideas don’t work everything happens for a reason.

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    How To Quickly Calculate Babysitting Rates

    When I’m traveling throughout the United States with my son on business there are occasions I need a babysitter. Here are a few guidelines that can be used to determine a fair rate of pay (based on a few factors). You can then make any changes, or add a little more if you know the babysitter personally, or if they stayed longer than agreed.

    Use these guidelines to take into account the following factors: the location, the experience of the babysitter, the number of children being watched and any other special requirements.

    Set a competitive rate – the first guideline to keep in mind is that you need to have a competitive rate to keep the best babysitters. You should start with the minimum wage in your area or state, and then work forward from that point. In any case, ensure that you don’t drop below that rate.

    • Area – if you are living in a rural area, then there will be less competition for babysitters (when compared to urban areas). However, if you are in a rural area and babysitters are less common, you should expect to pay more.
    • Number of children – if you have more than one child that needs to be watched while you are away, then you will need to pay more. Obviously, more children requires more work and more focus. This is especially true if the children are in the age range of two to six years old. So, for each extra child, you should pay your babysitter a few dollars extra.
    • Age of the babysitter – the age of the sitter needs to be considered when calculating the rate of pay. As a general rule, if the babysitter is above high school age, you can expect to pay more as they will compare the rates to other possible jobs and work that they could find. Remember that you are going to be competing for their time, so consider this factor.
    • Time of day – the amount of time that you are leaving your children is another important factor in the pay rate of the sitter. If you are planning to stay out later, then you should expect to pay a higher rate. Also, as a rule, if you are going to be out past midnight, the the hourly rate will increase. It is suggested that you always pay more at this time of night.
    • Short notice – if you need to hire the babysitter on short notice, then you are going to pay a higher rate for the same period of time. This is a common guideline for all types of jobs, and a higher rate of pay is expected.
    • Overall, babysitters are expecting to make from $7 to $10 per hour. This rate will increase if you are living in a major city, or when hiring a sitter from a placement service. Use the guidelines above to set a fair rate and find the best sitters in your area.

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